Apex 24vdc Practical Multipurpose Utility Pump

Apex 24vdc Practical Multipurpose Utility Pump

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Neptune has created a marvelous little (but powerful) pump that now gives your Apex Controller even more options. Easily fitting in most common ATO reservoirs, and having a head height of over 12 feet means that it can even pump water up a full story in most common households.


Connecting the PMUP to the 1Link module or EnergyBar832 gives you full on/off switchable control just like any other outlet. The PMUP connects through a 24V connection that comes prewired to the pump and will directly connect to the 24V accessory ports on the 1Link modules or EB832.


Plumbing to the pump is easier than ever with its 3/8" output you can connect any 3/8" ID tubing or you connect to common calcium, carbon, and GFO reactor tubing with the use of push connect unions or reducing push connect unions.



  • Output Size - 3/8"
  • Max Flow - 100 gph @ 0'
  • Max Head Height - 14'
  • Diameter - 2.25"
  • Height - 4.60"
  • Cord Length - 6'
  • Power - 24VDC 17W


What's Included?

1x - PMUP w/ 6' 1Link DC24V connection cable


What's Required?

  • Apex Controller
  • 1Link Module or EnergyBar832