Chemi-Pure Blue Nano

Chemi-Pure Blue Nano

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* All-in-one marine aquarium filtration media in easy-to-use nylon bag
* Premium blend of pelletized activated carbon & ion exchange resins
* Significantly reduces nitrogenous organic compounds and phosphates


Premium pelletized activated carbon PLUS high grade ion exchange resins deliver superior filtration for reef and marine aquariums. Chemi-Pure Blue is a revolutionary new filtration media that uses high-grade hybrid resins designed to adsorb nitrogenous organic molecules and phosphate much faster, more efficiently and for a longer period of time than other aquarium filtration media. Enjoy superior filtration and fantastic results in even the most advanced marine reef aquarium systems!

Chemi-Pure Blue is the ultimate all-in-one marine aquarium filtration media, in an easy-to-use nylon bag. Proprietary formula significantly reduces organic compounds, odors, phenols, toxins, medications, dissolved metals, phosphates, and silicates. High-capacity pelletized activated carbon with very low ash content rinses clear quickly to help reduce the potential of HLLE within your aquarium. Finest laboratory-grade resin technology rapidly removes organics and phosphates from your aquarium water while raising redox and helping stabilize pH.

Chemi-Pure Blue is available in 5.5 oz and 11 oz sizes; 5.5 oz treats 35 gallons and 11 oz treats 75 gallons.

NEW Chemi-Pure Blue Nano, in conveniently sized 2" x 2" nylon packets, offers the ultimate in customizable filtration. Use with small desktop or nano aquariums or supplement existing media utilized in larger aquariums to maintain crystal-clear aquarium water.

110g Chemi-Pure Blue Nano contains five individual 22g packets in a convenient resealable pouch. Each packet treats up to 5 gallons of water. This product is packaged wet.