Fritz Parashield

Fritz Parashield

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Herbal aquarium treatment for relief of common parasitic infections
* Strengthens fish slime coat, the first line of defense against parasites
* Natural oils & extracts help maintain aquarium fish in optimum health

Revolutionary bio-adhesive supplement repairs and strengthens natural fish slime coat for protection against Ick, Protozoan Velvet and other parasites. Fritz Aquatics Mardel Herbal Treatments Parashield contains proven, natural oils and extracts combined with patented, film-forming matrix to provide a protective shield around your fish. Fish slime coat acts as the first line of defense for fish against parasitic infections.

Use at the first signs of an infection to help prevent the spread of the parasite to fish in the aquarium. Fritz Aquatics Mardel Herbal Treatments Parashield is safe for all freshwater and saltwater fish, invertebrates, and plants. Reef safe. 4 oz treats 590 gallons.

Common Parasites of Fish

  • Ick: Small white spots may cover entire body; fish may rub or scratch against bottom.
  • Protozoan Velvet: Tiny yellowish-white spots. Fish shows signs of loss of color, rubbing or scratching against bottom.
  • Parasites (Non Specific): Fish shows signs of extra mucous, visible spots or worms, rapid breathing, flashing and scratching or rubbing on rocks.