Intellifeed Fish Feeder

Intellifeed Fish Feeder

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Description:   Lifegard Aquatics Intelli Feed Auto Fish Feeder Lifegard Aquatics Intelli Feed Auto Fish feeder is a moisture proof LED food container. It can be programmed for feeding up to 12 times per day. It requires 4 AA batteries for proper functioning. It is a fully automatic fish feeder, so gone are the days, when you had to remember feeding your fishes. With this fish feeder at your perusal, you can spend all day out of your home without being bothered about fishes.

Product Features: Intellifeed aquar fish feeder is moisture proof and completely automatic.

LED food container programmable up to 12 daily feedings. It is easy to use.

Set Includes:  aquarium mounting bracket.

Power: 4 AA batteries