Red Sea Reef Foundation Complete Liquid Supplement Pack

Red Sea Reef Foundation Complete Liquid Supplement Pack

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Red Sea Foundation ABC Complete Liquid Supplement Pack

The Red Sea Complete Supplement pack contains all the necessary foundation elements to keep a balanced coral reef aquarium. Contains 250ml bottles of Foundation A which is Calcium, Strontium and Barium. Foundation B, which is the alkalinity buffer and Foundation C which is magnesium.

Complete with easy to follow and precise dosage instructions and each supplement offers maximum strength for excellent value for money.

The Red Sea Reef Foundation ABC contains the three main elements for reef keeping, Calcium C, Magnesium Mg and Bi Carbonates HCO3. These major elements have a vital role in the water chemistry and the corals biological processes.

For optimal coral growth it is essential to have balanced levels of these foundation elements in order for the corals to process them more efficiently. If the foundation levels are unbalanced and not in the correct ratio, one of them will become the limiting factor of healthy coral growth.